Different Roof Options For Your Property

People want a stylish look of their home not only from inside but also from outside. When you start making your home or any building, the roof is like a crown. In Bristol, there are many builders or roofers who specialize in making different styles of roofs. If you are looking for a stylish roof, you can contact roofers in Bristol, who offers many styles and designs of roofs. Types of roofs for buildings and homes: Gable roof: it is also known as peaked or pitched roof. You can easily recognize it by its shape because it has a triangular or v shape. It is cheaper than other roof options and is easy to install in homes and buildings. Mansard roof: it is also known as French roof. It is made using double slope on every side so it is difficult to set up or construct than other roofs. Flat roof: it is the most common type and easy to construct and set up in buildings and homes. It is more common in commercial or industrial buildings. It gives extra space to your home and building. Hip roof: It is a common style for home residents. It has four sides with equal lengths but these roofs are difficult to construct as compared to flat and gable roofs but the stability of these roofs is more than gable roofs. Gambrel roof: it is a fancy type and commonly known by the name of barn roof. You can say that it is like mansard style however mansard has four sides but gambrel has two sides. It is popular for farm houses and storage buildings.