We are excited to announce we have full planning approval to build The Wave: Bristol

We will build something beautiful, something we can all be proud to have been involved with.

Thanks for your support.

Nick and The Wave Team

Natural England found that fewer than 10% of children play in wild outdoor places. In 2007, Unicef published a table of 21 economically advanced countries. The report concluded that children growing up in the UK and US were the unhappiest in the industrialised world.

We need a wave of change………

The Wave: Bristol will be located just to the north of Bristol City in South Gloucestershire. It combines the beautiful views of the Severn Bridges and Wales combined with the easy access to Bristol and surrounding areas. The team are Bristol based and community centric in their vision.

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The vision is to make this a destination that appeals to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. A venue that will allow people to get outside, exercise, relax and engage with nature and socialise with each other. "We instinctively know that being outdoors and exercising is healthy for us, it is something we want to share"
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Around the lake will be a natural swimming lake and multifunctional gardens including; activity garden, barefoot trails, sensory garden, healing garden, culinary garden, herb gardens and foraging areas.
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There will be a core facility building that will provide a cafe with a locally sourced healthy food cafe and space for socialising. There will be an educational space to support school visits and opportunities for learning topics such as; ecology, sustainability, wave physics, energy generation, culinary skills, foraging, forest skills and much much more.

We are also planning a small retail space stocked with ethically/ecologically thoughtful products.

We are excited to be bringing this project to the Bristol region and we are passionate that this project is delivered with a core ethos of financial, social and environmental sensitivity, thus securing it as a destination for the future.

We are on an exciting journey and we hope you will come with us......
making waves of change....