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An inland surfing destination close to Bristol City

  • Perfect waves every day for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

  • 1.9m waves every 30 seconds producing smaller secondary waves for intermediate and beginner surfers.

  • High performance surf centre for elite athletes and aspiring professionals.

An educational destination

  • Supporting schools in STEM subjects and engaging children to encourage life long learning.

  • Providing content around the importance of conservation and management of water, coastal and marine environments.

  • Importance of exercise, nutrition, natural environment

A health destination

  • Swimming, surfing, yoga and open space for activity and relaxing.

  • Healthy food grown on site, prepared and eaten in a relaxing space.

  • Surrounded by countryside, nature and water.

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Central to the plans will be a world class surfing lake with a high performance surfing centre and an education centre for local and regional communities to use.

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We are excited to be bringing this project to the Bristol region and we are passionate that this project is delivered with a core ethos of financial, social and environmental sensitivity, thus securing it as a destination for the future.

We are on an exciting journey and we hope you will come with us......

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